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Olivier Manitara


Lesson booklets

The History of the Lesson Booklets

At the beginning of the year 1993, Olivier Manitara wrote the first lesson book entitled 'The Entrance to the Path of Initiation.'
Then 148 lesson books appeared which the students of the Essene School received by correspondence, every month, for 12 years, until 2005. The study is divided into four schools (Probation, Seed, Portal and Mountains).
Since January 2011, these monthly courses of the Essene Wisdom reappear under a new format, the correspondence courses. The Essene Teaching goes to a higher level through the alliance with the Round of Archangels, which is a superior intelligence to man.
These correspondence courses are more condensed and complete.
They come with a letter that Oliver addresses to his students, a study book and the magazine: The Essene.
To these courses is added a lodge book that allows the student to practice the rituals, either in the Essene Lodges, or in an individual lodge at home.
The first collection and the current correspondence courses reveal a magisterial savoir-faire that resurrects the Tradition of Light through rituals and secret techniques.
This knowledge, adapted for our times, sets the esoteric and magical foundations of the Essene Teaching in its new manifestation.
By working in the lodges, the student can build a practical , concrete body of the teaching and form his own body of immortality.
The book the 'The Inner Ascension,' published in 2008, is the development of the first book called  'The Ascension to the Summit of the Mountain.'

First year

discernmentThe Johannite Humanity.
School of Divine Life
Sacred Enclosure
Construction of the Temple
Conscious Life
The vision of the Unique Source

The Eternal Tradition of the Johannite People
Ceremony for Peace
I Don't Have Time
Financial Responsability
The Sense of the Sacred, of Respect for the Private, Inner Life

The Angel of the School

The Ceremony of the Disciple

All is Counted. Weighed and Measured

Second year

I-Knock-at-the-Door-1I Knock at the Door
Preserving Oneself
School of Magic
The Blue Sky
The Call of the Light
The Cedar of Lebanon
The Circle of the Disciples
The Knowledge Which Cannot Be Taught
The Letter Kills
The School of the Gate
The School of the Mysteries
The Veil of Death

Third year

Development Organs Internal Perception-1The Development of the Organs of Internal Perception
Everything is Counted
Working with Water



Essene Arts

mandala8 Mandalas
The-tree-of-life-and-the-10-words-of-the-awakening 30cm Meditative Drawings
Peter Deunov Men-gods