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Olivier Manitara


Monthly letters

The History of Olivier Manitara's Monthly Letter

lettersIn August 1991, the year announced by initiates as that of the teacher of the world, the young Olivier Martin, at the age of 27, opened the doors of the new School of God on earth, under the name of School of Life and Spirit in the current of St-John.
In December of the same year, Olivier Martin wrote the first letter to the students of this new Initiatory School. His teaching is the continuity of the three last great Masters of the reborn Essene Tradition: Rudolf Steiner, Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.
The year 1997 marks a well-known transition, because Olivier Martin received his spiritual name and he began to write under his new name of Olivier Manitara. It is a new stage in his life, and also for the School of Life and Spirit that became the contemporary Essene School.
Since the month of December 1991 and without interruption, Oliver writes a monthly letter. The first vocation of the letter is to allow all students to have a living and permanent link with the source of the Tradition through the life field of the School and the transmitted teaching. 

Nine years later, in September 2006, something new appeared in the letter: in addition to the initiatory transmission from the Master to his students, it contained information on the different activities carried out by the students.

That same year, a covenant is concluded with the world of Archangels (it is the birth of the Round of Archangels) that recognizes the Essene School as a people, a nation in all nations: the Essene Nation.
Finally, at the beginning of the year 2011, before the profusion and wealth of works accomplished by the Essenes around the world, the government of the Essene Nation decided to separate the letter of Oliver Manitara from the news of the Essene Nation. 
The letter to my students returns to its first vocation. So there is the Letter to My Students of Oliver Manitara and something new: the magazine L'Essénien (The Essene), later replaced by Conscience essénienne (Essene Consciousness), which provides the general and worldwide information of the Essene Nation.

 Letters to My Students


January Dying the Essene Way from Dream to Reality
The Essene Couple
May An Uplifting Experience, How to Work for the Light
June 7 Basic Rules to Approach the Archangel Uriel
July Olivier Manitara’s Message to his Soul Family
August A Family of Souls in the Service of the Flame of Life
September Thus Opens up the Path...
October A Victory for the Light
November The Magic of Michael...
December To Be an Essene, A Path of Conscien


January The Science of Giving Birth to Light
February The Monthly Letter, a Truly Magical Link
March The Essenes, Midwives of the Divine World
April The Path to Immortality Is Open


March Events that Must Awaken Man to Take his Life in Hand The Mother Takes Care of her Children, the Essenes
February Study, a Magical Act
Become an Individual Within the Community and the Tradition
The Prophecy of Buddha Comes True Through the Circle of Archangels
September Be in Control of Our Life of Tomorrow
October New Revelations on the Seal of Money, A Call to Place the Seal Before the Celebration of Gabriel
November As We Approach the Celebration of Gabriel... Let Us Recognize His Presence Amongst All and Live as per His Request


January The Science of Giving Birth to Light
February The Mysteries of the Cross of the Sun, A Science of Meditation and Life .
March Call to the Builders of the Essene Nation Answer to the Call of the Souls and the Light
April The Winged Sun of Raphael And the Truth on the Disappearance of Bees
MayThe Awakening of the Serpent of Wisdom
JuneThe Holy Mysteries of the Trinity
July The Awakening of Thought The Meeting of the Soul and the Divinity
August Messages from a Mountain in the Alps, from the Angel of the Father and Archangel Uriel
September The Seven Stages of the Life of Man The Revelation of the Spirit of God
October Voyage to Cathar Country An Initiation by Fire and Water
November Living in the House of God The Essene Religion: The Promised Land
December The Birth of the Essene Christian Church The Phoenix of Christianity Is Reborn from Its Ashes


January Blessing of Light and Love for Your New Year
February Secularism: The Art of Living Together in Tolerance
MarchAwaken from the Dream to Be Born to What is Real
April The Holy Assembly, The Circle of the Offering to God
MayWelcoming God in Our Lives


Essene Arts

mandala8 Mandalas
The-tree-of-life-and-the-10-words-of-the-awakening 30cm Meditative Drawings
Peter Deunov Men-gods