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Olivier Manitara


The Sons of the Sun

In all cultures, we find the idea that the sun is the physical manifestation of a divine intelligence from which the earth comes. Olivier Manitara talks about the tradition of the Mystery Schools in which spiritual Masters are prepared.

The Sons of the SunEver since man has been on Earth, he has always asked questions, it is his nature. Once he has gets something, he wants something else. He feels vaguely that he lacks an element inside him to taste the fullness and peace to which he aspires. If you really look, man carries within him the nostalgic memory of a world where everything was bliss but he lost the path. The problem is that in everything that he undertakes, man is always a half of something and he is missing the complementary part to reach perfection.

It is the spiritual union with this other "self" to live fullness, the unconscious hope, that man looks for in everything he meets. And this is the main reason that makes him ask questions, be dissatisfied and look further. This is the thirst that pushes man to evolve.

The body, feelings and thought can help to reach this inner fulfilment, but they cannot answer this basic need of the Being in self. Only the most intimate consciousness is concerned by this question and can find the answer.

This is why all the Mystery Schools have always taught awakening. Awakening is the first quality of a man who has understood the meaning of life and who freely aspires to enter the divine apprenticeship. Consciousness is the jewel of being. When consciousness awakens, then the true question can be found and the inner path can open.

In its essence, consciousness is not limited to the body, or to the feelings, or to thoughts or to the me; it can merge with other realities and also open to others while being itself. To become aware of something is to awaken this thing in oneself, to live it inside, to be it. Thus consciousness can induce states of being.

Humanity goes from disillusions to setbacks, until finally it has the strength to face what lives in it, and recognize this yearning and its consciousness awakens. Then the path will open, the one that leads to the School of God and to the School of the Divine Mysteries. This School has always existed on earth for the earth itself is this School. Without knowing it, all beings, all creatures that inhabit the earth are in this School. All the same, we come on earth to learn and progress.

The first class is the class of suffering. It is for the unconscious ones. They suffer without knowing why until the day where they wake up and start to ask the basic questions. Then they meet the second class, that of wisdom. There, they start to study the great laws of eternal life and to practice them. It is discipline, the esoteric training. It is also the path of immortality through the awakening of the higher self in man.

The class above is that of love. This is the solar initiation, Christ has shown us this path. Then comes the class of truth in which man must apply all knowledge to help those who are in the class of suffering. Truth is to be he who is and manifest it through love and wisdom into the reality of the earth. But one must not fall into the snare of humanitarianism; to help those who suffer is to bring them the School of Wisdom, to found the School of Mysteries on earth. Those who are in this class are the Masters, the Sent Ones from God, the founders of the Mystery Schools on earth.

The Sons of the SunThese Schools have always existed for they emanate directly from the divine world; they are the divine world on earth. God has let men cultivate the earth for the needs of the body; he let them establish religions, philosophical and political systems for the needs of the heart; he let them elaborate scientific theories and put them into action to satisfy their need to know; but He has only come to live on the earth through the School of Wisdom, the Initiatory School, the School of God. He reserved this for Himself, because it is the only space where men must be conscious and maintain a growing and individual awakening. It is through the Mystery Schools that He radiates his blessing towards all beings.

If men reject the Mystery Schools, at the same time they reject God's blessing. Then the force of good diminishes on earth and in men; it diminishes so much as to become practically inexistent. Then, misfortunes fall from everywhere in order to compensate the imbalance between the energy of evil that is generated by an unconscious humanity, and the energy of good radiated by the conscious humanity, initiated into to the wisdom of the mysteries, meaning the wisdom of God.

God has created everything that is beautiful on earth and in men through the Elohims, that is, the Gods, his family, then by the Archangels who are the guardians of his intelligence, then by the Angels who are the carriers of his love and of his sacred virtues, and finally by the Masters and the Schools of God, which are the guardians of his creative force on earth. In the respect of this alliance and this sacred plan, the divine flame lives within man, it illuminates his thought, warms his heart, activates his will so that man carries out the works of his Father in the direction of these outer worlds that are plunged into darkness. Man becomes the temple of the light, the earth that carries the creative flame of a full and liberating life. If man takes care of his inner earth and he is a true priest consecrated in the temple of his body, then his outer earth will be in beauty, justice and harmony; it will be the temple, the wife of the living God and all beings that live in the stones, the plants and the animals will be liberated in the light.

The men who remain faithful to the alliance of the Light are those who gather and create on earth the true Mystery Schools around a living Master. Since the Master is linked to the divine world, all the energies that are set in motion are ennobled in the light.

The work of the School of God must be accomplished in an uninterrupted fashion so that the flame of the Alliance stays alive on Earth and that the word of God stays active in all epochs. The last Masters who carried the flame of the Solar Tradition on earth are Rudolf Steiner, Peter Deunov, Babaji et Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. Around them a divine School was built. A teaching was given and a path was opened by a new way of being in the world. These four Masters are special because they represent the beginning of a new era, a new consciousness. They were the Sons of the Sun and in this, they have brought a new impulse to the Mystery School and to the Tradition of the Light. The solar initiation existed before them, but it had fallen asleep and they came to wake it up and begin a great work that is not yet perfectly finished. A great work is always realized through seven Masters who incarnate one after the other in order to pass the torch and bring perfection to God.

These Masters not only had an effect on those who were close to them, but they also powerfully acted on the soul of the world, on the planetary energy, on the course of history and on the events of our times. It is God who manifested himself in humanity by his Alliance of Light and who reinforced good everywhere where men of good will wanted it. So, even if a man did not know these Masters and carried out a positive work for humanity or the earth, or his family, or even himself, it is because these Masters were incarnated. Without knowing it, he was resting on these Masters and on their School, of course, for no man could carry such weight without the support of a the living organism of a School of God. Such a School is always a collective work of a family of souls.

This means that if these Masters had not been incarnated, the course of history would have taken another route, for no positive force would have been there to balance negative actions. Therefore, this man could have not carried out his actions of light for he would not have any inspiration, stability, inner strength or external means. If beings like Osiris, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus had not come on earth to bring the Alliance of the Light, then it would have been a long time ago that humanity no longer existed, because it is God who protects and balances the forces.

I understand that for many people, such a vision of the world would offend them because today we want to be independent, we do not want to answer to anyone and the idea that when we carry out a work of light it is because we are inspired by other beings may appear revolting but yet it is beauty itself, it is the law of mutual support. This law exists in the positive sense as well as the negative. So, there is no real independence except to consciously choose who we will serve in life. Those who want to be independent are often the same ones who are totally chained to the unconscious influences that govern man and enslave him.

The strength of the light is in harmonious and free union, and it is division that feeds those of darkness. In the union of light, there is a certain form of interdependence because in everything, the individuality of each one must be respected since it is God in each one of us, but this individuality is written into the harmony of the whole. Thus the individual freedom is limited to the freedom of others and to their fulfilment. It is God who must be free and no one else because only He offers freedom and makes it real.

"The men faithful to the Light unite to build the true Mystery Schools around a living Master."




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