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Olivier Manitara


The Feminine Initiation

By Olivier Manitara

For Olivier Manitara, the creative force of the universe contains a masculine polarity and a feminine polarity at the same time. This latter has been denied by the current great religions. The time is coming when woman must revive the dialogue with the Mother of the World, the Femininity living in the earth, with God the Mother.

The new era of the Mother of the World will be the one of God the Mother. Woman will then take on her true dimension. Woman will be the door of the new humanity. This is not a superiority of the feminine side over the masculine side, but of a harmonious and respectful union of God the Mother and God the Father in each man and woman. Men and women are companions on the path of life and creativity. Woman must again take her place as Mother of humanity, guardian of the sacred fire in the home, protector of the life in all kingdoms.

Today women have not taken their rightful place in the world. God the Mother is ignored. Where are the priestesses, her representatives?

May women stand up to testify the divinity of maternity, this is what the Mother of the World expects from us. To be a father, to be a mother is to be responsible for all men, all creatures of the world. The universal Mother carries all beings in her womb. She feeds them from her breast, dresses them with her love and leads them towards the true light of being. Every mother is mother in her. She is the guardian of maternity and transmits this knowledge to all mothers.

If the Mother is scorned, if she has nothing to say, if all initiative is withdrawn from her, then imbalance enters into the world, the being of fear is triumphant and cohorts of demons enter into all the activities of men. All cultures who have not harmoniously honoured God the Father and God the Mother have sunk into decadence at all levels of life.

The Mother must be respected and honoured in the same way as the Father. Woman must be able to express womanhood in the bosom of life.

It is fundamental that women prepare themselves through the initiation of the Mother of the World to take charge of the destiny of humanity.

Who else could do it? Men? For centuries, men have humiliated women and now they have lost their genius. Only the women initiated into the mystery of the Mother can let gentleness, love and tenderness into an increasingly violent world. Politics is a world of hypocrites gargling with mediocre results. Our children suffer, our animals suffer, our plants and nature suffer . . . The Mother cannot accept this in her heart without rebelling, from her sleeping consciousness must spring forth the spark of awareness, her voice must be heard, and her will must stretch out: no one will hurt her children. Then men, the sons of the Mother will straighten up and rely on her, they will build the new life in which no dark forces will be tolerated. Even the most violent brutal man is disarmed before the wisdom and beauty of a mother protecting her child.

The Feminine InitiationHow long will it take for men to open their eyes and their hearts to the universal truth? A mother carrying her child in her womb, giving birth, giving the breast, raising him with caresses and gentle words from the heart show the true path of wisdom and of a worthy and beautiful life. The highest wisdom is contained in woman's body. Everything that emanates from the Mother towards her child is pure beauty, nobility and kindness. Woman is the inspiration and guardian of all culture and of all civilizing impulse. May man take this torch and raise it up to the sky in order to light new stars in the heavens. An ancient Johannite legend says that each star in the sky is the bright remembrance of a hero on earth. The Initiation of the Mother of the World gives back to woman the knowledge of the deep secrets of her body. She shows women how to raise her children in order to lead them towards the high lights of heaven. A culture shines by its geniuses and it is women who create them. External education is only varnish applied to rotten wood. No great work, no uplifting life can emanate from such education. It is best to recognize that it leads to mediocrity and a race to the bottom. It is by nourishing the heart, the intelligence, the inner life, the soul and spirit that we obtain a high era.

When tradition reports that Mary was the Mother of God, this signifies that this woman was a true daughter of the Mother of the World and that she had been initiated into the Mystery of the Mother by the Essenes. To birth forth a man-God is the role of true education. All children are carriers of the flame of divinity and it is the role of authentic education to allow them to flourish and to manifest themselves. Woman, through her body, knows how to lead all that is obscure, black and somber into the light. Her child is in the dark of her womb and progressively she brings it to the light. She creates a body for her child and feeds its soul. She is the guardian of evolution.

The entanglement of the modern world is hidden in the fact that woman is naturally driven to imitate man in order to succeed and impose herself. Thus, she loses her originality, her essence, her soul, her force and spontaneity. She becomes a medium, a “channel” of man. Only the Initiation to the Mother of the World can reconnect the external woman with the inner feminine side and finally allow women to offer to the world a free and natural expression of themselves. Then the feminine voice can loudly and powerfully rise and make its point of view known.

The other pitfall comes from standardization. We are made to believe that there is an intelligence, a point of view and that it is situated beyond sex. Of course, this is the point of view of a sick man. Man can more easily impose himself because of his aggressiveness and violence. Woman in her essence is gentler. So we are seeing a real dictatorship under the guise of democracy. Not only must the voices of women be taken into account, but those of the children as well. I ask you, what woman wants to see her husband and children leave for war? What child would want to see his father participate in a massacre? Let’s have the courage and insight to recognize that we live in a democracy in action. A true democracy must include women, children, animals, plants, minerals in the choice of actions that determine destiny.

“Only the Initiation of the Mother of the World can reunite the outer woman to the inner femininity. Women then will be able to express themselves freely and naturally.” All the sacred teachings of humanity remind us that we must honour the Father and the Mother of the World. Father and Mother mean that all creatures participate in the same life and that it is filial love and wisdom that unite them. Each time that men did not honour this law, this great idea, the forces of destruction always manifested themselves. The separation of humanity into many nations brought war. The domination of one sex over the other has created the degeneration of genius. Tyranny and oppression of the weak has always been the messenger of destruction. Europe was mainly anti-Semitic en 1939 and was destroyed. Only women have the power to oppose tyranny in the name of love and maternal initiation to the Mother of the World. A woman cannot be anti-Semitic because all beings are her children. So she knows love opens a path to knowledge and the higher realization that the world does not know. A woman cannot be military, she cannot carry a weapon. Weapons are the inventions of beings of fear through men. By their intermediary, man delivers the energy of fear that assails him. The use of weapons is a way to escape from fear, a way for male consciousness to get rid of fear. Woman is healed from fear by watching her children. She does not need a gun.

I know there are racist women, women with weapons, but this is a disease caused by the separation of consciousness from the Mother of the World. Such a woman has had her fortitude stolen. She is weak. A woman's power is somewhere else.

This is absolutely not against the freedom to hold such discourse because freedom is absolutely not about doing whatever strikes your fancy or about obeying others. To be free is to be in harmony with your deepest nature.

May woman awaken her own thinking, may she plunge into her heart, into her body of the mother and may she nourish her thoughts, words and deeds from the fire of her soul. Then a new era, the one of the Mother of the World will appear and live among us. May all those who have ears come and receive the Initiation of the Mother.


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