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Olivier Manitara


The Individual Awakening

The Real Challenge of the 3rd Millennium

André Malraux said:

"The twentieth century will be spiritual or it will not be." This sentence, a hundred times overused, is scary and there is no doubt that today our society is light years away from a "spiritual" century.

Olivier Manitara here gives a relevant point of view on an important topic.

The Individual AwakeningTwo thousand years ago, a man was born in a stable among animals because there was no room anywhere: everyone was preoccupied with a great celebration. Whether we like it or not, we must recognize that from the moment we decide to study his life, this man leaves no one indifferent. From his birth he was at the same time loved and hated. On one side, he was born into a "community" (the Nazarene-Essenes) and the government of the time was seeking to exterminate him for political reasons. On the other side, kings, wise men and also shepherds, the simple people came to visit him as the incarnation of a beneficial promise.

This strangely resembles the modern tulku tradition of the Tibetan Buddhism. A child is welcomed as the reincarnation of a Master of wisdom having a message to deliver. Whatever one thinks of it, the men of that time recognized Jesus as the manifestation of the spirit of love and brotherhood that must guide all the creatures of the world. Through his words they heard the ancient science of the pharaohs, saw the ancient original wisdom of people who took back their life. They compared the word and the life to the Word of the origin, incarnated in a body and living among them. They even decided to put the clocks on time in order to make the birth of a new civilization coincide with the appearance of this man.

What future, what evolution do we want?

Was it idolatry or personality worship? No, I do not think so! They saw the Great Spirit that guides all beings towards perfection in the man. There is really beauty, poetry, and finesse in this story. There is everything that is lacking in our times: a spiritual vision of the world. Setting the clocks on time, this was a way of saying: "There is a model for every man in the precious words that open a positive and beneficial future." It transmits an orientation towards a beautiful and harmonious evolution. Today the media talk about the year 2000 as an event, but one must understand that without the words of this spiritual Essene Master, this date would not exist. This can become a wonderful occasion to truly question ourselves and make a point. What future, what kind of evolution do we want? For deep down, nothing has really changed . . . People are preparing to celebrate without worrying about the new millennium that is going to incarnate again to raise individuals in a newer, larger, more serene and freer awareness.

We must not blindly believe but experiment, test, verify and apply.

The combat has always been and those who have crucified the spirit with the criminals continue to do so today with the support of the indoctrinated good people. Celebrating the third millennium in the spirit of Christ is not only going to any church whatever, but mainly to get clear, wake up, recover our individual sovereignty and become fully responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and choices. In his wisdom Christ said: "We cannot serve two masters." Yes! The individual must choose between malevolence and benevolence. These are two trees that bear different fruits: malevolence shrinks consciousness and life, benevolence expands and commits to blossoming. Humanity chooses malevolence and that is why the false guides triumph.

Benevolence is a higher state of mind that the world does not know anymore.

To reach it demands more and more effort and work on self. It is the path of a noble and rich life. Men believe they are naturally benevolent, but unfortunately it is only beliefs. You must not blindly believe but experiment, test, verify and apply. There cannot be true democracy or a true republic without individual sovereignty and without the presence of the spirit of benevolence. In the word benevolence, there is good and awareness. It is a whole program, a rediscovery of the self and the world. Benevolence is the distant star that wants to lead men to a new revelation of love. Then, the audacious can contemplate the true genius of the third millennium.


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