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Olivier Manitara


Opening of the Heart in the Present Moment


For the heart, happiness, life, fullness resides there where you are in the moment. For example, in the fact that you are walking in the forest, taking your breakfast, preparing a meal for someone you love and sharing it with him, chatting with your friends on a summer evening on a terrace while drinking a tea, watching your children play in a field, listening to the grass grow, going to work, watching the sunrise, looking at a source, hearing it run and sing, indicating the way to a stranger in the street or saying hello to the baker with a friendly smile. If you pass unconscious beside all this, you pass beside life, beside the heart. On the other side, if you can live all this naturally, without any afterthought, without interest or reckoning, you are close to meditation, to the spiritual world and to the community of light.

He who indicates the way to a passerby and salutes him with a friendly and benevolent smile without any hidden agenda is very close to share the experience of his awakens heart with others in purity, simply for the joy of sharing, helping and meeting the other.

Similarly, a man can contemplate a flower with respect, simply to be in the wonder of the beauty of this being and wanting in return, make himself beautiful to rejoice others. He can listen to the song of the bird and then sing along for the world. At this moment, the heart opens even more; the man is ready to enter into the love community and receive the eternal teaching. Each moment in life can become an occasion to do good, to accomplish a deep spiritual work and to awaken. Man realizes that there is a hidden intelligence in all that he does and in all that happens to him during the day, and that everything is connected and that him also can have an influence on the events in order to improve them thus, transforming his destiny.

He perceives that he was living mechanically, automatically and that many of his problems came from just that. By making is life conscious and alive, they have disappear by themselves. When a being succeeds by this method to resolve a great number of difficulties for himself, he can begin to help others.

Only an awaken heart is able to give to all the trivial moments of his daily life a new dimension and this is precisely the dimension that embellish life and leads it to plenitude.

When the heart closes, man starts to become unhappy about everything, he complaints, criticizes, accuses, seek revenge and falls inevitably into the sphere of evil and suffering.

In our civilization, this has become a fashion to be unhappy and criticize everything without doing anything for oneself in order to remedy the situation but such an attitude demonstrates only the degree of degradation of the heart and soul.

The heart says: I gave you everything, so before being unhappy, look at what you have done with all my treasures and mostly look at what you have done for me?

Every day, we must seek and find what can connect us with the great dissatisfaction so that we do not become ingrates before the kindness of life that has given everything to man.


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