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Olivier Manitara


Put Colour into Your Life

Everything in nature is colour. Nevertheless, men keep constantly surrounding themselves with dull and sad colours. Thanks to visualization, anyone can fill his aura with beautiful colours and spread joy and harmony on earth. This simple work is effective and it is important that we do it. We will be more in harmony with our deep inner me and all beings that inhabit nature.

Olivier Manitara explains how.

Put Colour into Your LifeColours are the language of the light. They fill the world because everything is colour in and around us. Although they are the result of a physical phenomenon and electromagnetic waves of different lengths, the true nature of colours is above all spiritual.

Each one of them is a manifestation of spirit and has the ability to influence our daily lives. The colours of our clothes, the decoration of our homes are not neutral, they act for our well-being or our unhappiness.

I remember one survey conducted in a supermarket. People were invited to taste two absolutely identical yogurts. The packaging of one was brown and the other was blue. To the question: Which one tastes the best? The answer was unanimous. "The blue!" It was the colour that gave a better taste. This is a striking example of the effect of colours in life: they make the taste better, transmit strength to us, awaken our consciousness, and show us the path of joy. Life in black and white is sad, it resembles life without sun. As there are colours on the outside, we can also put colours in the inside and light up all the inner suns that the initiatory tradition calls chakras.

Do you think, feel and live in colours or in black and white? Thinking in colours changes everything. People remember their dreams less and less, and amongst them, even fewer are those who dream in colours. Colour television has come into all the homes but at the same time we have lost this extraordinary faculty to dream in colours.

To put colours in your life is not only to favour the positive colours in your clothing, in your home and at work, but is also to relearn to think, to love, and to live in colours. For each thought, each feeling and each desire there is a colour, a vibration and a corresponding influence. This is why certain words will hurt you; their colours do not mix well with your own base colour. Furthermore, some thoughts can make you sad or light up the sun of enthusiasm. All this is linked to colours and their mixes. Beautiful thoughts, noble feelings, generous actions produce auras of very pure colours while dark thoughts, negative feelings and unhealthy desires convey dull, dirty and off colours.

This science of colour explains also why we do not get along with some people while with others, the current flows smoothly. This is again a question of the mixing of colours. All our relations with ourselves, others, our environment and living nature are governed by colours. To become aware of this is not only taking charge of our lives, but it is also to become more subtle, more spiritual. This is to embark on the path of success.

The two basic colours are white and black. White is the synthesis of the seven colours of the prism. When we draw the seven colours of the prism on a disk of white paper and turn it on its axis, the seven colours merge and become white in the eye of the beholder. The black represents the absence of colour. The opposition between white and black seems absolute, but in reality, they are complementary colours that cannot be without each other, just like yes and no, positive and negative.

From another point of view, black can be represented by everything that is opaque and visible. So a green wall may be considered as black from the fact that it is perceptible. The white represents everything that is subtle and invisible. The visible and the invisible cannot exist without each other. In the case of the wall of the colour green, there is on one side the visible wall, the black, and on the other the invisible, the light that allows vision. From the simple study of two fundamental colours we arrive at the most essential questions of life: to know how to say yes and no, to develop the right discernment between what is visible and what is invisible, between good and evil, to surpass the apparent contradiction between the external right and wrong, finally to elevate oneself to the contemplation of what unites and balances the energies.

All these questions raised by the two fundamental colours speak to us of liberty and awakening of the consciousness. They speak to us of life. In fact, it is impossible to cheat with colours for they express the language of nature, the divine language. There are men who understand the two basic colours as an opposition, like a perpetual war. They are always dissatisfied, irritated and quarrelsome. They do not know when to say no or yes, or they say it when they should not and after they regret it. The initiates, those who study the living book of colours know how to put each thing in its place inside them and they also know how to step over oppositions so that they restore harmony and well-being in themselves. White and black have this virtue. One must know how to read the colours and unite his own thoughts to their particular vibration.

In a certain way, we can say that black represents matter, form and white represents spirit, idea. What unites the spirit to the body are the seven colours of the prism, which is an image of the soul. This is why we can say that it is through colours that spirit manifests in matter and it is also through them that matter opens to the sublimating action of the spirit and spiritualizes itself.

The initiatory science mentions seven chakras, seven churches, seven suns inside of man. These are the seven states of consciousness that, like Jacob's ladder described in the Bible, unite heaven and earth, white and black. The earth under your feet is black. The infinite sky is white. The rainbow is the sublime symbol of what unites opposites. The colour red corresponds to the spirit of life. It is the closest to matter and the colour black. It animates matter and we can think of blood, the receptacle of life. Of course, there is a bad red that creates anger and irritation. The expression "to see red" defines perfectly this negative red. This is why, in visualizations, it is very important to refer to the colours of the prism in order to develop the best qualities.

Red brings dynamism, enthusiasm, initiative, entrepreneurship, holy activity and creativity. After the red comes the colour orange, the spirit of joy. It opens the perception of inner life, refines feelings, reinforces sensations, awakens the free and inner happiness.

The colour yellow, the spirit of wisdom, allows you to strengthen right thinking, achieve knowledge and develop clarity of spirit.

The colour green, the spirit of destiny, helps you to understand the deep meaning of life, to know the reason why you came on earth and brings richness on all levels.

The colour blue, the spirit of the true soul, brings peace, plenitude, love, and higher consciousness, perception of what is great, true, beautiful, just and good. It opens the door to a higher consciousness.

The indigo colour, the spirit of strength, brings commitment, inner strength, courage, humility, order, discipline and celestial harmony.

The colour violet, the spirit of purity, allows you to reach mystical states, raptures and ecstasy. It opens the doors to divine consciousness in the self. It drives away all that is somber and negative.

The colour white, the spirit of Christ, represents the perfection of human consciousness and the state of being of the true human. This is the triumph of spirit over matter, of life over death, of intelligence over stupidity, of truth over lies, etc . . . It brings fulfilment and freedom in all. When an individual reaches this state of higher consciousness, this Sun of all suns inside him, all obscurity flees and is transformed. Everything becomes good. This is the supreme union with the self, with others, with the divine and the All. Jesus is the man who best showed the state of consciousness and state of being of the colour diamond white.


It is possible for everyone to do this very powerful exercise.

  1. Sit on the ground for this meditation-visualization exercise.
  2. Breathe gently; awaken your senses and your awareness.
  3. Visualize the earth as a black sphere. The body is part of it and this is why it is destined to die. Meditate a few moments on the existence of death, lies, war, hate and the injustice in the world. Do this with much calm and detachment.
  4. Visualize the body and the earth filled with life. They are surrounded by a beautiful red. They bring health, strength, dynamism and above all they give a means for the consciousness to triumph over death and from the imprisonment in the body.
  5. Visualize the body filled with sensitivity and surrounded by the colour orange. Feel a free inner happiness.
  6. Visualize the body filled with clarity of thought and surrounded by a beautiful yellow colour. Feel wisdom penetrating into consciousness and filling the earth.
  7. Visualize the body filled with the seed of divine truth and surrounded by a beautiful green colour. Feel the path of destiny, the eternal horizon and also the power of words and actions that we sow in the earth and that blossom either for good or for evil.
  8. Visualize the body filled with the peace of the soul, with the feeling of eternity in the self and surrounded by the colour blue .
  9. Visualize the body filled with the force of the inner consciousness, with the true being and surrounded by a beautiful indigo colour. Feel the awakening of the true self that we eternally are, the cosmic harmony and the celestial order in and around the self.
  10. Visualize the body filled with a divine blessing and surrounded by the colour violet . Feel the purity of being a living soul filled with love and mystic light.
  11. Visualize the body filled with immenseness surrounded by the diamond white light. Feel the perfection and the fulfilment of the higher consciousness. Imagine the divine consciousness hovering above the body and the ephemeral me that inhabit it.

To put colour in our lives is a path of creativity, beauty, light and illumination.


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