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Olivier Manitara


The Liberation of the Soul

In its essence, the soul is the spouse of the Divine Spirit. It keeps in memory all the experiences, all the knowledge acquired by man on Earth. The soul comes as a guide of Light. It incarnates with man at his first breath and remains very present during the first months of his life. As the time passes, the soul of the child endures all kinds of influences that permeate in the etheric water that surrounds him, in his aura.

The Liberation of the SoulThe awakening of the life of the soul is primordial in the life of man. According to the Teaching of the Essenes, if we do not live in accordance with what was planned for our incarnation, the soul sacrifices itself and atrophies in the physical body. This duality creates a great many sufferings and diseases. Famous therapists since the dawn of time, the Essenes of today work with the energies of Archangel Gabriel in order to reconnect man with his eternal soul.

The liberation of the water is essential: if it is clear, the soul can enter into contact with man. If he starts to listen to it, it will allow him to awaken to a higher consciousness and bring him happiness and plenitude. If the thoughts, feelings and impressions lived by man each moment of his life are troubled, they will imprint on the subtle substance of his soul until they choke him and they will live his life instead of man living it. It is very rare these days to reach adulthood while keeping the contact with one's soul . . .

The soul sacrifices itself and becomes prisoner of the body. Being unable to have a conscious contact with man, it suffers. By not finding its place, man is also lost and the divine world cannot come on Earth to accomplish the work of Light.

The Essene Baptism

The Essenes, called "therapists," knew the secret of the liberation of the soul through water. Water represents life, purity, love, harmony and healing. Its colour is blue, the blue of the ocean but also the blue of the sky. Do we not speak of the "ocean of love," "the river of life?"

Man must learn to not trouble the water of his thoughts, his relations, his feelings, his life, but alone, he can not do much. For the most part today, the soul in and around man is polluted by negative thoughts, outside influences linked to a very technological environment, television, visual and audio aggressions, conflicts in relationships with those close to us, family and work. So the opportunity of the Essene Baptism is once more offered in our era and it will allow one to find the necessary impulse to start in a more conscious way of life, this time turned towards one's soul.

This powerful method allows he who realizes that his life is not in harmony with his ideal of light to reconnect to the Divine Source in order to find in and around him the clarity and purity that his soul needs to guide him. We truly carry a soul in us like a woman carries a child. We must take care of it, feed it, allow it to grow and develop.

The method of the Essene baptism allows the soul to become the intermediary between spirit and man again. It removes the veil that keeps the soul prisoner. The soul thus liberated is a link with the divine and subtle worlds, a genuine bridge of Light allowing direct access to the divine source, to direct knowledge, to the luminous path that brings happiness.

The Essene Baptism can be lived at different levels according to the degree of commitment and preparation. That is why it is possible to do it many times in your life, in order to increase the Light of the soul in oneself. The first level allows you to realize that in us we carry a beautiful light, and a purity of the soul. This is a life and a sensitivity that are greater than the body and the life of the body. The second level consists of realizing that we truly carry a soul in us, like a woman carries a child and that we must take care of it, feed it and allow it to grow and develop. The third level consists of being carried by the soul, to be inspired by it and letting it guide life and acting with great certitude, lucid discernment and a serene good sense.

The fourth stage is to be one with the soul and to prepare for the union with the Light of the Spirit. This is the stage of the School of Mysteries and of the secrets of the Kingdom of the Father. The door of this stage is called the Round of Archangels.


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