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Olivier Manitara


An Introduction to the Essene Christian Church

Encens-thOlivier is the person that I have been searching for since this life started.

I was a complete atheist when I left the UK and several years after. It took my very best friend, his wife and his new born baby to all die at the same time in a car crash for me to start putting life into perspective. 

I followed an Indian Guru for several years and then moved on to follow the teachings of OMRAAM MICHAEL AIVANHOV, based in Frejus in the South of France. He died in 1986 and I started following his teachings in 1997 thanks to my wife. Olivier Manitara follows and refers a great deal to Omraam Michael Aivanhov's spiritual master, known as Peter Deunov. The Essenes can be traced back to ENOCH which is several thousand years ago. Jesus Christ was indeed an Essene.

I was still looking for somebody that is physically present in this World.

I can tell anybody that wants to know more about Olivier Manitara that this person, so humble, dedicated and loving, can indeed be extremely convincing when talking about life and the soul in general.

Most of the people reading this article know deep down that there is something behind this life and existence, they also know that they have lived before and that what is inside each and one another is somewhat immortal. 

Olivier talks a great deal about the mortal or the immortal side of life, life or death, and in fact one comes to appreciate that we do indeed in fact have 2 bodies to cherish and look after every day. We also begin to understand that there are more and more people who think that they are alive but they are in fact more dead than alive. 

Today, we try to get rid the elderly as fast as possible, families don’t even want to go and visit and we have forgotten all about the latter.

Mankind has moved away from religion and so many churches are empty nowadays.

The crisis is not really economical anymore but is within each person as they are lost without Light.

Religion is far more important that science but science is slowly taking over our lives through technology and all.  Porsche has just announced record sales in top of the range cars! 

The Essene civilization is on the come-back, slowly but surely, more and more people are turning towards the true teachings of religion so through the Essene teachings, Olivier then realized one day that it was time to set-up the Essene Christian Church. The Essenes were able to buy their first church in 2012 in Cookshire, South-East of Montreal and this is attracting more and more newcomers. This church is open to all people of whatever religion. 

The pastors of this new church based on Essene teachings, are training to be able to talk about the true meaning of the teachings of Christ.  I have attended several ceremonies this Summer in Cookshire and also in the South of France near Nimes and Montpellier, Aix en Provence. The ceremonies were held in churches but also in fitness clubs!

The key to success is to provide simple messages based on the true meaning of biblical teachings. An Essene priest also accompanies each ceremony by giving a speech and bringing more true knowledge to light. The preacher may be capable of playing a musical instrument, singing and creating a joyful environment for all. The ceremony is non-stop and the public are entirely involved in the ceremony. It is a lively and loving, people are cheerful, joyful, enthusiastic and just quite simply happy to be a part of such a ceremony.

The ceremony lasts approximately 1 hour and I must admit that I did not see the time pass by. There wasn’t a moment to lose and the feeling at the end of each ceremony is the same as when you have just come out of a hot sauna bath! 

The Essene population is growing daily due to the strength of the teachings that Olivier simply provides every single day and as much as he can. 

The Essene Christian Church is nowadays very much alive, it has not disappeared. It is for people that want to truly live and not the walking zombies that most have become following their mobile phone like a donkey would follow a carrot.

Times are changing fast, we are in a new era and more and more people are searching for the truth to the basis of life and death. The Essene Christian Church provides a sound basis to people that are on such a path and want to get back in touch with their soul.

This year, Olivier has been to Haiti, Greece, Italy and Spain. Each trip is generally planned to be able to celebrate an Archangel. The 4 Archangels represent the 4 elements of this planet and the change of season: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. 

There are 4 celebrations each year; 

These celebrations are known as the Round of Archangels

The first celebration in January is for Gabriel, the Archangel of Water; this is the start of winter and the Solstice

The second celebration is more in March for Raphael, the Archangel of Air; this is the beginning of Spring and the Equinox.

The third celebration in June is for Uriel, the Archangel of Earth, this is the beginning of the Summer solstice

The fourth and final celebration of the year is for Michael, the Archangel of Fire, this is the beginning of Autumn.

These celebrations are held in the presence of Olivier, his priests and of course the Essene members. The teachings are always interesting and sometimes breathtaking. It is also difficult sometimes to try and comprehend the true message behind such teachings and one is need of several days, weeks or months or perhaps several lives before being able to ascertain the true meaning of what was said.

Newcomers are welcome to each celebration. Many members of the younger generation are joining the community too. Every time I have been to one of these celebrations, my life has changed, my vision of life changes too! You realize that you cannot change others, you can only change yourself. By changing your own self, you begin to change others . . .  It has taken me 50 years to be able to understand such an approach.

During the celebrations, so many questions are answered throughout the year and so many questions still remain unanswered. As the teaching evolves and new teachings appear, one wonders why all this truthful information is being provided to mankind when truth has been hidden on this planet for so long. 

The Essene Christian Church has become a new religion for all that are searching for the real truth during their short life on Earth. This Church is about to spread world-wide.

There will come a day when people will be in need to refer back to religion. 

All of the original teachings have been written in the French Language. Teachings are available in quite a few languages and there is a team of benevolent people that are constantly translating the new books that are written into English. The Essene organization launches at least 2 books every month, one book covers a certain theme, the other will be to help the Essenes practice their monthly rituals in groups if possible. Only the theme books are translated today and for the time being. If you are eventually interested in reading some of the work that is available, I would suggest that you go to our websites as follows:

If you want to know where to start reading, I would try to read SOLVE and COAGULA as a starter.

I heard this sentence one day which I found very convincing indeed and want to share with all: 

“Let every human being be a Mother to the other.” 

A simple sentence that Mankind should really listen to and act upon.


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