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Olivier Manitara


Jesus, the Daily Life of a Master - part 2

Jesus-the-daily-life-of-a-masterSome were Essenes who had great awareness on the hierarchies of darkness. The Master had told them that they were so tense about the fear to make a pact with evil, that finally, they were giving it strength and unconsciously were fashioning receptacles for darkness. It was absolutely revolutionary and the word of the Master was opening the door of the light. He ended by reassuring the whole assembly, by teaching that we should live in the present moment, free of all dead or frozen belief, thus we could liberate our life and offers the liberty to the Father to manifest his Holy Spirit. A man spoke. He was visibly troubled and he called the Master while speaking from the depth of his soul:

“Master, I understand that Satan is a semblance, an illusion of oneself, a false egoism, and a deformed reflection of the divine I and of his eternal order that is born in the man who turns away from his Father and his kingdom. How can I get rid of Satan and prevent that he puts his children into the world through me, such as quarrel, division, lie, war…?”

A dialogue was engaged and the Master replied:
“You agree that Satan is darkness?
-Yes Master.
-You recognize that he manifests himself like a deformed reflection of eternal truth and that he denatures people and divine things?
-Yes Master.
-You recognize that a part of your body is made of darkness and this is why that it reflects the light?
-Yes Master, but I am myself united with darkness for I feel separated from the nature of God, from others and from myself. I have a body, a personality, but at the bottom of this, I do not know who I am. I do not know myself in my divine nature, in my plenitude. I cannot see myself, hear and feel myself, but if I am seeking, I cannot find myself... I am empty; I am an absence who aspires to plenitude. Can you help me?
-The Master answered with firmness and sweetness:
-I will help you now.”

The disciple was ready for he was convinced that Jesus was a great Master of the Essene Brotherhood and that he, since he was very small had aspired to enter into this sacred wisdom.

The Master asked to put out all the flames in order that the room was plunged in absolute darkness. He asked to the disciple to place himself in the middle of the assembly and told him that now Satan was in him, was present in the outer darkness that was surrounding him and that if he managed to chase him away from the room, to push him outside, to reject him outside the walls, he would be delivered for ever of his grip on him.

The man was distraught for he felt and saw the obscurity that was enveloping him, but he could not see how to seize it, catch it, and capture it to throw it outside. His reason told him that he was unable to chase away something that was present and acting, yet without consistency. He started to doubt, but the Master expected from him that he chase away Satan. It was his chance and he had to seize it. He started to pray, and asks Satan to get out of the room, in the name of the Father and also in the name of the Master that was present and has asked him to do so.

He humiliated himself saying that he was acting of the behalf of the Master, he begged, then ordered in the name of the light. After a while, he started to scream, to shout and insult the obscurity, trying to catch it with his body, to push it and reject it with great gestures that he thought to be magical. More he was agitating himself, more darkness in the room seemed to intensify and each one could feel the presence of invisible, oppressing, harmful and unhealthy beings. The disciple himself sensed these presences and redoubled his gesture by hitting the air around him and drawing magical signs.

This lasted for some time during which at one moment, each one had the impression that the disciple was totally possessed. He was no longer him that was struggling but it was Satan in him that was dancing a macabre dance invoking all the demons of madness and despair of the world. Exhausted and helpless, the man fell to the ground and implores the Master to help him.

The voice of the Master rose in the dark: “Who among you, wants to help this brother in the name of love and truth in the Father?” Then John, the beloved disciple approached and lit the lamp placed before the Master. It joyfully danced and its weak light made the shadows dances in the room. Other disciples did the same and lit lamps to the one of the Master, so that all the room was illuminated.

The man understood and he also lit a lamp. Jesus said: “In my Father, I am the Light of the world. He is the flame of life and, me in him; I am the light that reveals the beauty of all the worlds. Who approach me discover the flame of the Father in him and around him! Who moves away from me, moves away from the kingdom of light to be plunge into the one of darkness where rules shadows and the fear of night!”

The Father has given all the power to the light for it can enter into obscurity and lit it up, while obscurity cannot enter into the kingdom of the light. Obscurity is an absence while the light is a presence. This is not only the light, in it lives the presence of the Father and of his workers.

This is why when a child or an adult is afraid, his first reflex is to light a light for it speaks to him of a world where fear does not exist.

Fighting against darkness, it is reinforcing it, it is adding the shadow of the night. It suffices to light the light. He, who lives in obscurity is often unconscious. He carries his body, his name, his identity, his person, his egoism unconsciously, without thinking and he believes that he is in the light and knows where he is going. It is the false light, the one that cloaks darkness and hides it. He thinks that he is in the light even if he is afraid and suffers.

No, in the real light, there are no fears, no doubts, and no sufferings. Those here are the children of darkness and of the false light. Man in this light suffers and want naturally transformed this hell. But how do we do it?  How do we build another world with a false light which the goal is to hide and protect obscurity? Add obscurity to darkness, and you have continuously the night.

The light is an outer experience, but it is also an intimate and inner experience. When the intimate is in the light, then the Father reveals himself and offers his presence and his love.

The writings have all said to beware of false prophets and in truth, each one sees them where he wants for it is fear that motivates them and it is always at work in darkness. The false prophets, it is the false light that teaches and feeds obscurity.

There is in each one a being of obscurity and it is this one that we must lead towards the true light that illuminates the whole world. Obscurity loves the light for the light for it is the light that lives in it. Obscurity is the light that is closed and waits to be lit again.

What do you think that stones are? It is a fire that is sleeping, dreaming and that boils and it is this boiling that makes the plants grow, that decomposed and makes the earth fertile. The men bewitched by the false light say that they will fix the world. With dead beliefs or extinguished prayers? No and yes! This can help for life is movement but the world will earn its true face when men will have found the path to welcome the fire of live and the light of the resurrection at the center of their being.

There is nothing to abandon, lose or leave or delete, it suffice to be oneself, outside the false light, one with the all, perfectly relaxed. Then we must let grow the little flame that wants to blossom like a flower to embellish the world.

“I am the light of the world and I enlighten every home that welcomes me in these walls”

Thus spoke the Master before his disciples. I have re transcript these words or rather the idea of these words the best I could by adapting them to our current concepts.

The conscience of the disciple opened and he was entirely illuminated from within. He became a great mystic and a fervent apostle.


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