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Olivier Manitara


Restorative Sleep


Restorative SleepFor the Essenes, the preparation for sleep is very important because at night, you go into another world, and this experience can be greatly beneficial thanks to a good preparation. Before going into the kingdom of night, it is important to review your day so that you weigh your words and actions of the last hours on the scale of your consciousness. Through this evening review, you can know yourself better and see where you are in your progress on the path of awakening. The Essenes also offer a powerful method that allows you to develop your vision in the night side and release the invisible beings, the spirits and elements that live in you and around you.

Every night when you go to bed, you disappear: one part of you goes to the earth and the other to the heavens. For this reason the next morning you are again regenerated and healed, because the earth is a loving Mother, full of blessings. By leaving your person made by the world resting on the ground, like clothing that you take off before going to bed, you can feel calmness growing in you and a fabulous detachment invading you. The Essenes cultivate this state of being through meditative exercises in the evening before going to sleep.

The Assessment of the Day

Restorative Sleep NightAt night before you go to bed, sit in your bed and let yourself be enveloped by the calm of the night. From this base state, let the film of your day unfold before you and weigh what you have done in thoughts, imaginations and actions before the court of your conscience. Then, strive to look at the same acts with the eyes of the Angel of the Round of Archangels with whom you are associated (if you have made this alliance) or with a Master of the Essene Tradition, like Saint John, Jesus or Buddha. Finally, do the same thing with the eyes of your entourage and try to feel what they would have thought of the review of your day.

During this examination of the preparation for sleep, rejoice for the good and make good decisions for what is less good, for what that still needs to be improved. "Improve" means: how to strengthen the positive side without dwelling too much on the forces in me that still resist, that are more or less troubled and unconscious. Offer these forces, the positive as well as the troubled, to the Divine so that it does something productive with it. This way your analysis ends on a luminous thought - it should always be this way. Be careful to never fall asleep with negative thoughts because they would close your access to the higher planes. One who does not remain in connection with the higher world of luminous thoughts finishes by being absorbed into the vortex of habits of the lower personality, and his consciousness falls asleep.

Enter the Light

When you have finished analyzing your day, focus on the Diamond Light of the spirit that inhabits your body. You can then lie down with your head towards the East or the North so that you are in harmony with the main magnetic radiation lines that run over the Earth- Mother. It is best to try to sleep with the body resting on the right side to release the spine, heart and other vital organs of all toxins. Imagine then the Diamond Light of the morning coming from the feet to the head and leaving out the top of the skull to rejoin its country of origin, the ocean of infinite Light of the Sun of all suns that shines in the kingdom of the Father, beyond the farthest stars. Concentrate on this Light, rejoin it in your sleep and become one with it.

Method of Preparation for Sleep

Restorative Sleep SunThe method for entering the nocturnal side was given by Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel was represented by the Moon in many traditions, including the tradition of the Jewish Kabala. The Moon governs the waters and the nocturnal side, in a way, is the water. If you are aware of this water, you will see that your senses are a mother-tincture of water: you colour the water that is around you. The more you turn your water towards opaque things, the less subtlety and awakening you have. The more you clean your water in clarity, the more you start to see clearly. The more polluted you are, the less clear you are and the less you see. You do this through magic, meaning your permanent creative power. If you want to develop night vision, here is how.

First you must realize that when you go to bed, you let your body gradually go into a world where the body is not as present, you start to no longer be in the world of the sun. At the moment where you lie down, beings (thoughts, concerns . . .) are always in front of you. These are beings that live with you all day. They come to talk to you through dreamlike images, showing you what lives in your water, all around you. Before going to sleep, you must take one of these being-thoughts, look at it, pray and tell it that by going to sleep that you are bringing it towards the higher worlds so that it can find the answers to its question, in order to liberate it and heal it. In reality, this being that comes towards you is a spirit of the elements who wants to live with you because you have called it by your behaviour, your thoughts and your words. It now wants to be liberated. This being is caught in a world. If you do not free it, it stays there, waiting. The consequence of this is that we can no longer see the nocturnal side, for this being puts itself in front of your eye.

So as long as you have not liberated it, you cannot develop a higher vision. These thought-beings create opposition, take your energy and pull you down, and things do not flow well in your life. You must settle your debts with them. In the morning when you wake up, if you have the answer to the question of this being, you know exactly how you should live. In this way you have liberated this being who now tells you: "You know who I am, you know me and you have given me balance. I let you pass." In a real discipline, you are awake when you fall asleep, you live night and day. If you have the answers, you liberate the beings that are around you and you bring them towards the Light. You become a liberator. You are then in your soul, which is in all souls, and all beings protect you, speak to you through the universal language, the original Word. Each night, you must take a being and liberate it; this will free your soul. If you do not do so, these beings blur the passage towards the water of your soul, towards Gabriel, and you cannot regenerate yourself. This is how you awaken in the nocturnal side.

If you start to master this technique, you will be awake during the night and you will awaken even in daylight. You will realize that in reality, when you are awake in the world of the sun, you are actually asleep. Also, to be perfectly awake, is to know that we are asleep . . . You must be aware of what you live; it is through this awareness that you will awaken the vision in the two worlds.


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