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Olivier Manitara


The Great Healing: Celebrate Archangel Gabriel

Winter is a big challenge. Nothing on the outside will let us escape from our inner life, no agitation to escape the silence. Only what we have cultivated of genuine and true can remain. In the outer cold, our only resources and our heat are inside.

The winter of the year is the old age of our life: we taste the fruits of our life . . . or starve to death from lack of foresight. That is the lesson, the message our Mother Earth gives us through the experience of winter. Man can understand and appreciate the importance of sharing, of mutual aid, of the other person. It is in winter that the night dominates the day, that what is not useful dies but it is at this moment the tendency reverses and the day takes back its vigour. Death holds the promise of life, of regeneration. This is the message of Christmas, the birth of the new inside each one of us.


Archangel Gabriel, Rebirth through the Water of Life

Archangel Gabriel is the father of water, the source of heat, of gentleness, of love that is born from the inner life. He is the face of God that manifests through winter. Gabriel protects the mysteries of  women, pregnancy and birth in all spiritual and material worlds. He is the white mantle of snow and the winter that preserves seeds until the renewal of spring. That is why it is said that Jesus' birth was announced by Archangel Gabriel. 

He is also the rigour of the discipline that awakens us: have we have pooled together the fruits harvested in summer and fall? Have we shared the joy of the beautiful seasons to create friendships that last into the heart of winter? Have we cultivated the essential when all was well, or are we content with the easy way to the point of being dispossessed of everything today?

We can easily escape the energies of winter. This is what we do most of the time. No one wants to confront old age and death. Yet! Without death, no life. Without winter, no inner renaissance is possible in the spring. Connecting to the Archangel Gabriel in this season allows us to live this passage in the best way. Gabriel is truly the archangel of divine birth. He gives birth to the Divine on the inside as well as the outside. What incarnates his element is water. The Essenes work with water during his celebration. The gentle voice of the Source can flow into the whole being, in all the subtle planes to wash, purify and untie through the forces of gentleness,  softness, comfort and healing. Meditations in the presence of the Archangel are extraordinary and unforgettable moments. A deep healing of relationships takes place.

The Great Essene Baptism

Upon completion of the work, during the celebration of Archangel Gabriel, the participants who want to can receive the Essene Baptism. The gentle voice of the Source can flow into the whole being, in all the subtle planes to wash, cleanse, unravel through the strength of gentleness. Participants receive an anointing of holy water consecrated by the Archangel on the fontanel (the chakra at the top of the skull). This magical practice also called liberation of the soul in fact allows unlocking this energy centre so that the soul can get out of any limitation and confinement. The soul can then join the Source and rejuvenate.

By approaching Archangel Gabriel, at the winter solstice, we find the expression of the Father in the water, in us and around us. Water is not only the physical element, it also reveals what lives within us, it is the mirror of our inner being. It is what connects us to each other, it is the water of relations. Gabriel, the father of water, reveals what lives in us and between us.

Then we are given the gift of a great blessing that can accompany us throughout the year, through the rite of the Essene baptism. With the water consecrated during the celebration by Archangel Gabriel, priests bless each participant. This is a great magical act of union with the divine world always practiced with fervour and devotion. A genuine healing for some, contributing to clearing negative influences and blockages, in this way allowing the soul to express itself in thought, heart, will and acts.


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